Health and safety auditor


UK Safety Network can help you to fulfil your organisation’s duty to review and revise your health, safety and environmental management policies and practices to ensure that they are fit for purpose, that they are being implemented correctly and that your staff are working safely.

We can:

  • Conduct safety tours to check how your working environment is being managed and to observe and record working practices
  • Carry out formal inspections of your workplace(s), checking against agreed criteria to establish a snapshot picture of compliance
  • Complete a full health, safety and environmental audit of your organisation, providing you with a comprehensive report on your risk vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Assist you in conducting incident and accident investigations; helping to identify causes, produce reports, implement corrective measures and manage litigation

Getting it right

Balance scales

Ensuring that your policies are being fully implemented and measure your performance against benchmark standards

Magnifying glass

Investigating incidents, accidents and specific safety and environmental management concerns raised by you or your staff


Helping to revise your health, safety and environmental policies procedures and practices to ensure that you remain compliant